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inside town fair tire waiting area

My Town Fair Tire Problem Just Won’t Go Away!

The Town Fair Tire commercials are relentless! Loud, obnoxious, and fake — TV, radio, online. everywhere!  I fall asleep, wake up, drive to work, and they’re at it again — always In CAPS! “NOBODY BEATS TOWN FAIR TIRE…N-O-B-O-D-Y” Their aggressive tone, fake promises, and calling me “NOBODY”, have driven me to write this post. This […]

customer supplied tire installation equipment

About Customer-Supplied Tire Installations

Customer-supplied tire installation is when you buy tires online, or from a friend, then bring them to the tire shop for installation. Customer-supplied tire installation is becoming more popular. Internet tire stores make it easy and cheap to buy tires, so if you’re a little curious and comfortable buying a coffee maker on Amazon, then […]