1937 Pontiac hot rod wheel alignment

1937 Pontiac Wheel Alignment

Beautiful 1937 Pontiac in for a wheel alignment last week. This is the review the customer left us…

“Wanted to get a front end alignment on my street rod, called a few places I use to do business with and when they heard 1937 Pontiac they were like no sorry. Called Kenwood on a referral and these folks were like no problem. Just got out and they aligned my car with precision, Trust me this shop is comfortable fully covid prepared with hand and cloth sanitizer throughout ***** stars”

1937 Pontiac Hot Rod Wheel Alignment
Check out the great lines on this 1937 Pontiac Hot Rod

Wow! Thanks, Eric for your awesome review!

I’ve spent years positioning Kenwood Tire & Auto Service to be the best local wheel alignment specialist.

A solid combination of expertise and equipment –

  • Alignment technician, Sean, has 15+ years of wheel alignment experience at Kenwood, he works on all types of vehicles, but loves the hot-rod, custom, and vintage vehicles.
  • Our Hunter Hawkeye Elite wheel alignment system is fast and state-of-the-art.  Rubber-cushioned sensor targets clamped to the tire, not the wheel and you’ll get a “before & after” alignment report.

Eric’s 1937 Pontiac hot rod took some critical thinking to get the alignment sensors set-up correctly because there was so little clearance between the tire and fender, but we got it done! 

Times have changed, but my commitment to customer satisfaction and world-class service remains the same.

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I’m Spencer, the owner, and operator here at Kenwood Tire and Auto Service. 

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