About Me

Hi, I’m Spencer, the owner of Kenwood Tire Company in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Picture of Spencer, owner of Kenwood Tire in West Bridgewater MA

I found the tire business by accident when I met my wife Holly in London. Her father, Ken Wood, owned a tire company in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and when the honeymoon was over he put me to work maintaining the shop and changing tires.

I learned the business by listening to people, learning from experience, and doing the job, serving 2 years as President of the New England Tire and Service Association improving tire service training and standards.

Holly and I became official owners in 1999 and still work in it daily — We help people buy tires honestly and fairly.

This blog helps me discover my business, it allows me to express my opinions and experiment with new ideas and content that you might find interesting.

Thanks for visiting!