The Truth About Buy 3 Tires, Get 1 Free

We get asked to match  “Buy 3 Tires, Get 1 Free” deals all the time. But here’s the real deal:

You’re not really getting a free tire! Because you’re paying $140 for an everyday $100 tire.

You can’t put lipstick on a pig: “Buy 3 Tires – Get 1 Free” is a gimmick to get you to buy 3 overpriced tires.

You’ll never find brand names like Michelin or Bridgestone because the real price is a click away. These gimmicks are usually limited to overstock and brands you’ve never heard of, or you can’t find anywhere else.

Let’s make a deal!

At Kenwood, you’ll pay $100 for a $100 tire. We’ll match anyone’s “deal” with straight-up pricing and value-added service, without the smoke and mirrors?

When you need tires, don’t mess around with the chain stores. Look beyond the price and chooses a local, independently-owned business that’s got your best interests at heart.

At Kenwood Tire & Auto Service, you’ll always find honest advice, good tiresquality service, plus the people and support you need to make your new tires a good investment.

Shop online or let us help you choose the right tire.

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