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What’s My Favorite Wheel Cleaner?

Clean wheels are the cherry on top of your tire experience at Kenwood Tire. Every set of tires gets clean wheels, so I know a little bit about wheel cleaners!

My wife’s Mercedes GLK350 has silver wheels that are very hard to keep clean. That’s because European cars, like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Volkswagen, use semi-metallic brake pads which leave large amounts of black dust on the wheels. 

Most domestic and Asian cars use ceramic brake pads that are easier to clean, but any type of brake dust is corrosive on wheel finishes, particularly chrome and powder-coated.

What’s my favorite wheel cleaner? 

At the shop, we use Dark Fury, a body-shop safe wheel & bug cleaner made by Superior Products of South Roxana, Illinois.

Dark Rage works like an acid cleaner on heavy wheel dirt, but it’s acid-free and safe for any painted and plated surface. It works great for bugs on windshields and to clean gutters and RVs. 

Diluted 4:1, we spray it on and leave for a few minutes, before agitating with a brush and hosing it off.

It’s an economical way for us to shine for our customers — see how it works on the brake dust of this Mercedes GLK350 —

For the occasional wheel cleaner to keep in your trunk, I recommend Chemical Guys Signature Blue Wheel Cleaner – Simply spray it on when you’re in line for the car wash, or use it with a pressure washer, the results are amazing!

Check out some of my favorite wheel cleaning products here — (As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases)


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