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Need Tires For Work? Try These Cargo Van Tires

Cargo van tires are designed for first-mile delivery vans like the Ford Transit, Connect Nissan NV200, RAM Promaster, and Mercedes Sprinter.

Traditional commercial vans like the Chevrolet Express and Ford E350 take traditional LT-Rated tires. LT245/75R16/E General Grabber HD is a Ford E350 size.

Cargo van tires pack more of a punch than most LT-rated tires. All-day, in and out, starting, stopping,  scrubbing, turning, curbs, potholes, and other debris.  These little tires need to be built tough! Downtime is a profit killer. 

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My favorite cargo van tire? 

I recommend the Michelin Agilis Cross Climate cargo van tire above anything else. We’ve had fleets get over 100,000 miles on these tires and throughout history, Michelin tires have delivered the lowest cost per mile and this tire is no different. 

A 235/65R16C Michelin Agilis Cross Climate will set you back about $300 including installation.

I like the all-weather tread design and durability, with cool-looking sidewall protectors and an aggressive, all-weather tread design.

Made with steel and polyamide belts, the Michelin Agilis Cross Climate is ideal for HVAC contractors and fleet vans that need to get around no matter the weather!

This is one tough tire! 

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If I owned a fleet of Ford Transit Connects, I’d choose the General Grabber HD!

Durable, decent in bad weather, and easy to get, I’ll usually recommend these for company-driver fleet and large first-mile delivery fleets.
Check out this General Grabber HD185/60R15C all-season tire for a Nissan NV200. 

Shop here for General Grabber HD cargo van tires. 

There’s a lot to choosing the right tire.

A tire expert intuitively knows what you are looking for and won’t underpower you. The benefit far outweighs the potential savings on tire prices. 

Thank you for reading — this is my opinion and it’s based on 25+ years of experience working in a tire store.

This blog is to help you, no matter where you are, buy tires more easily. If you’re looking for a tire recommendation or live local and want to get back on the road asap, I’m here for you.


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