$70 General Tire Rebate ad

Up to $70 General Tire Rebate on AltiMAX & G-MAX tires!

Hard to imagine that Spring is almost here! Time to roll down the windows and take to the roads with some new tires. 

Now is a great time to buy! Until 4/30, you’ll get up to a $70 General Tire rebate via prepaid Visa Card on the reasonably-priced and top-rated General AltiMAX and G-MAX tires! (See details)

Which General Tire is right for you? 

It depends on what, where, and how you drive – 

General G-MAX AS05 tires are considered an all-season tire but they’re not great in the snow. However, this tire more than makes up for it with impressive traction and handling on wet and dry roads. 

The G-MAX AS05 is great for drivers of all-wheel-drive European cars and the sportier Toyota Camry, Nissan Alima, and Honda Accord because it is at a low to medium-price point tire and comes in over 50 sizes up to 22″.


By comparison, the General AltiMAX RT43 is an all-season touring tire optimized for a quiet, comfortable ride. It handles great in light snow and slush. The General AltiMAX RT43 checks all the boxes for me and is a solid choice for West Bridgewater’s driving conditions. 

If you like to get in and drive, no matter the season or the weather, then the General AltiMAX RT43 is the best choice for you!


Good tires are expensive, so take advantage of this $50-$70 General Tire rebate on my top-rated General AltiMAX and G-MAX tires before 4/30! (See details)

I’m Spencer, the owner of Kenwood Tire in West Bridgewater MA – Call, email, or message me for a personalized tire recommendation or shop online at kenwoodtire.com to save an additional 5%.

And if you’ve got tire trouble and just want to get back on the road asap, Iā€™m here for you too!

If you live further afield, buy your General Tires here and get them installed at your local NTB for $15.99.

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