About Kenwood Tire - Check Out Our First Delivery Van

Our First Delivery Van

Check out this great picture my sister-in-law, Pam Wood found of her father’s tire delivery van.

During the Seventies and Eighties, Ken Wood was the biggest tire dealer around and used this International van to transport new and recapped tires between his locations in West Bridgewater, Westport, and Norton MA. Seiberling was the tire brand he was distributing at the time, 

What a great find! Our first delivery van! But what makes this photo special to me is the address and phone number, 55 years later, they’re still the same!

Times have changed, but at Kenwood Tire Company the commitment to customer satisfaction remains the same.

Check out our unique location in West Bridgewater MA.

First here and last to leave I’m always looking for ways to make your visit easy and value-added.

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