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Can’t Fix a Shimmy? Try Road-Force Optimize

If you have an annoying shimmy or shake in your car that no-one can seem to fix, we can diagnose and road-force optimize them.

Every tire and wheel has a high and low spot. 

A standard high-speed, dynamic wheel balance, is where we put weights on the inside and outside of the wheel to correct a shimmy at highway speeds.

There is no measurement for the wheel-hop and this can be annoying at all speeds.

Our Hunter Road-Force Elite wheel balancer goes the extra step.

While checking the dynamic, high-speed balance, a roller comes down on the tire and using 1000lbs of force measures the wheel-hop.

Road-force is measured in lbs and in my shop, anything over 20lbs of road force gets optimized.

Road-force optimization involves spinning the tire’s rotation on the wheel, then re-balancing, something we will do on every new tire we install, including customer-supplied installations.

Check out this 2007 Mustang Convertible with 4 new General tires mounted and balanced at a chain store.

Watch the wheel-hop. Can you see how that even though the tires were high-speed (dynamic) balanced, you would still have a vibration?

This is how we measure the road force with our Hunter Road-Force Elite wheel balancer –

Check out how we “optimize” the tires by match mounting –

The vibration was due to excessive road force/tire-hop in 3 of the 4 tires, which we fixed and the customer is happy!

At Kenwood Tire, the road-force optimization would have fixed this tire before it was bolted to the car, avoiding a comeback.

And that’s the difference between us and them. So shop local!

When you need tires, look beyond the price, forget the chain stores, franchises, and car dealers, we’ll make sure your new tires are road-force balanced, optimized, and checked for a smooth ride before the rubber hits the road.

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Stay safe and let me know if you have any questions or comments about road-force wheel balancing.


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