Electric vehicle tire

Are Electric Vehicle Tires Special?

Electric vehicles are here to stay, but when it comes to tires, what’s the difference between an EV tire and a non-EV tire?

Depends on who you ask —

Continental already makes tires with innovative ContiSilent Technology, a unique tire design that uses a layer of acoustic foam attached to the inside of the tire to dampen road noise.

ContiSilent tires probably wouldn’t make much difference to the road noise in a gas-powered car, but they help define an electric car. 

Some manufacturers say their tires are already EV-friendly, while others are creating a whole new market, but everyone agrees on them being a segment of the tire business.

Electric vehicle and hybrid tires are special, here are some considerations when buying them —

Electric vehicle tires use less energy to get moving. Less Resistance = Better Range. “Rolling resistance” is a measure of the energy it takes to overcome the resistance of the road. Electric vehicle tires use special tread compounds and tread designs that offer less resistance to the road, without sacrificing traction. 

Electric vehicle tires wear faster. The pure torque of an electric motor can leave a lot of rubber on the road. And for cornering, electric vehicles use lower-profile tires that provide great grip but wear out faster. All-season tires will last longer but you’ll sacrifice dry traction. Is the tradeoff worth it? 

I usually recommend replacing EV tires with the same ones that came with the vehicle.

EV tires can cost more. All that technology costs. And there’s no generic version yet, so don’t buy an off-the-shelf tire that’s not rated for an electric vehicle. You have options. Tires may look alike, but there’s going to be a trade-off in ride, handling, and range if you pick the wrong one. 

EV Tire Service is Specialized. This is where I come in! Putting your tires on in a way to maximize the investment you made in tires and your car because even the best tires can feel like crap if they’re not balanced right.

We use Corghi touchless tire machines and Hunter Road-Force wheel balancers with Road-Force to mount and balance over 4000 tires a year.

Electric vehicles and hybrid tires are not “special” as far as the tire service goes, but the tolerance for Road-Force and vibrations is less. Extra care is needed when balancing electric vehicle tires. 

Electric vehicles also need special care in jacking the car up and removing/installing the wheels and TPMS resets. 

These are the things you should be asking when buying electric vehicle tires.

Thanks for stopping by, Spencer.