What To Do When Your TPMS Light Comes On

When you start the car does your TPMS light flash for about a minute, then stay on solid? Or does it come on and just stay on solid? 

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) warning light comes on because you have a problem, but doesn’t always mean you have low tire pressure or a leaking tire, there could be a problem with the TPMS sensors.

Here’s how you can tell — 

Tire Pressure Monitoring System warning light

  • If the TPMS warning light comes on and stays on, you’ve got one or more low tires.   Could be anything, leaking tires come in all ways and it’s always best to get them checked out asap before they develop into a real problem that could leave you stranded. 
  • If the TPMS light comes on and flashes for about a minute, then stays on, you’ve got a problem with the TPMS system itself.  You may have low air pressure too, but you’ll never know because the system is not working. In most cases, it’s a bad TPMS sensor and/or calibration. Check your tire pressure and get it diagnosed at your local tire shop. 

I’ve seen so many flat tires in my 30 years at Kenwood Tire, I can tell you that the TPMS system works and should not be ignored. Just like the ABS and seatbelt lights, it is a vital safety feature of today’s cars. 

Hope this helps you next time you see the TPMS warning light on your dash.