Texting Tires?

When you text me a picture of your tires, you’ll get an independent recommendation and between us, we can come up with great tire and installation options. 

TireText is a concierge tire service that helps you find the right tires, no matter where you’re buying them. Texting your tire needs eliminates the hassle and uncertainty of tire shopping online and ensures you get the right tire size and ratings.  

Tires are expensive and the only thing that’s holding you to the road in all weather conditions. You should always consult a professional before buying tires. That’s why I started TireText, to connect you with independent tire experts like me who’ll recommend the right tires for you.

Send pictures of your tires and car along with a few of your tire expectations and we’ll get back to you asap with a personalized tire and service recommendation. 

I recommend, sell and install 4000 tires a year at my tire shop and I like a lot of tires across many brands, but the right tires are a combination of what you drive, where you drive, how you drive, and your budget.

Next time you need tires or the tire shop has got you confused — TireText me for a tire recommendation.