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Making My Way in the Tire Business

The business of tires used to be simple. When I started in 1990, no-one knew more about tires than we did and we made a good profit. 

Like everything, the tire business has changed. Tires are expensive and everywhere. And thanks to the internet, customers often know more about the features and benefits of a tire than we do!

Today every chain store, franchise, car dealer, and corner gas station sells tires. 

Then there are the online tire stores: Amazon, Tire Rack, and TireBuyer.  But as cheap as they are and as much as they try to simplify things, it’s still up to you to get the right size, order the right tires and find someone who does internet tire installations.

The business of tires may have changed, but the best place to buy tires is still your local independent tire dealer.

  • You get personalized tire recommendations. We believe that the best tires are not the most expensive.
  • For us, one size does not fit all. Matching tires to drivers is what we do best!
  • We’re specialized and professional. You’ll save time and money
  • You’ll have somewhere to go when you need tire repairs, wheel balancing, and TPMS diagnosis.

Next time you need tires, give me a chance to earn your business because there’s more to tires than the price and most of the time, you’ll come out ahead buying from a tire dealer rather than the internet, chain stores, and franchises. 

Tire business salesperson

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You can also schedule an appointment and put down a deposit on your new tires. 

I’m a tire professional and this blog is about helping you make good choices in tires.

Seriously, forget the chain stores like Town Fair Tire and franchises like Monroe, Mavis Discount Tire, and Midas, They’re all one big unhappy family.

“For them, it’s all about market share, controlling the distribution, and feeding the machine. For you, that means bait and switch, worthless add-ons, and not so free tires.”

Tires are confusing enough without ending up at a Town Fair Tire to wait 4 hours for some tires you’ve never heard of and get a worthless alignment.

I’m here to help.