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The Tire Rack Problem

Tire Rack is an online tire store, they make it easy for you to buy tires and their prices are lower than you’ll find locally. 

So why is this just a fraction of all the tires sold? 

Good tire shops don’t like to install customer-supplied tires. That’s why most of Tire Rack’s touted “8,500 Independent Recommended Installers” are national chains.

Showing Tire Rack recommended Installers near me

A corporate store is not going to install Michelin tires that you bought on the internet for $13 unless there’s an upsell — A good independent shop won’t touch them for less than $40. 

And that’s why most of the good shops won’t be listed on Tire Rack 

Yes, Tire Rack is a good place to start looking for tires, but my advice is to research your next tires online and then call your local tire shop. Most of the time you’ll come out ahead buying locally.

I hope this helps you in the realm of online tire buying and internet tire installation – Stay safe and let me know if you have any questions or comments.