inside town fair tire waiting area

My Town Fair Tire Problem

I get up and turn on the news and hear “NOBODY BEATS TOWN FAIR TIRE…N-O-B-O-D-Y”. 

I spend the day running a tire shop, seeing their handiwork, and listening to the stories,  and just as my eyes are flickering in the third quarter of Monday Night Football, it’s on again!


Now I don’t mind cheesy, annoying commercials, but with Town Fair Tire it’s personal because they’re calling me a nobody when I’m a somebody.

And that’s why I’m writing this post, I know what they’re really like. 

Here are a few truths Town Fair Tire doesn’t want you to know about:

  • “Free front-wheel alignment” is bait. There’s no such thing as a “front-wheel” or “front-end” alignment on today’s cars. (4-wheel alignments cost extra).
  • “Free lifetime flat tire repair” means you’re buying a new tire.
  • “Free lifetime road-hazard guarantee” always ends up with you buying a new tire.
  • “Free lifetime tire rotations” are made as inconvenient as possible.
  • “Free winter change-overs” don’t include balancing. That costs extra. 

Yes, these are “free services that nobody can match”, the ones they hammer in the commercials with the smiling tire-people to get you in the door no matter what happens next.

The $50 you saved and the allure of “free services”, is a distant memory after you’ve been waiting for 4 hours on a cold plastic chair, next to a grumpy vending machine and nobody gives a shit. 

For me they’re always there — and that’s my problem with Town Fair Tire. 

The truth is that tires are expensive and need to be installed by a professional.

If you value a hassle-free experience and good quality tires at a fair price, shop locally. Find an independent tire store with good reviews, hand them the keys and trust them to do the right thing. They will — their reputation rides on it!