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inside town fair tire waiting area

My Town Fair Tire Problem Just Won’t Go Away!

The Town Fair Tire commercials are relentless! Loud, obnoxious, and fake — TV, radio, online. everywhere! 

I fall asleep, wake up, drive to work, and they’re at it again — always In CAPS!


Their aggressive tone, fake promises, and calling me “NOBODY”, have driven me to write this post. This is payback!

Here are a few truths to know about Town Fair Tire:

  • “Free front-wheel alignment” is a con. There’s no such thing and they will upsell you to a 4-wheel alignment. Classic bait-and-switch!
  • “Free lifetime flat tire repair” always ends up with you buying a new tire.
  • “Free lifetime road-hazard guarantee” always ends up with you buying a new tire.
  • “Free lifetime tire rotations” are impossible to book and made as inconvenient as possible.
  • “Free winter change-overs” don’t include balancing. That costs extra. 

The competition for your tire business is fierce.

Town Fair Tire is part of a mega-chain, recently merging with Mavis Discount Tire, another chain with 430 stores in the Northeast, Georgia, and Florida.  Mavis is part of TBC, the company that supplies Costco, BJ’s, and Sams Club and operates 2500+ NTB and Midas stores nationwide. TBC has 100+ NTW distribution centers — Michelin owns 50% of TBC. 

We’re all buying from the same place!

Their tire business is bait, seitch, and upsell –. My tire business simply makes your tire problems disappear.

Seriously, you can do better than the chain stores. Shop local and find an independent tire store near you.

If you’re looking for a tire recommendation or live locally and just want to get back on the road asap, let me know.

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