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Tire Blooming Brown Tires

Brown Tires? Your Tires Are Blooming!

Brown tires are not a big deal unless you like your tires black, cosmetically speaking. Some customers couldn’t care what color their tires are, others it’s a problem.

Tire Blooming and tire browning are common on vehicles that don’t get driven much.

That’s because tire manufacturers use an additive in the tire’s rubber called antiozonant, that protects against dry-rot, ozone, and weather-cracking and turns a brown color when exposed to oxygen. This is also known as tire blooming.

The severity of browning/tire blooming varies is amplified when tires are used occasionally, like these high-performance Michelin Pilot PS2 tires on a Corvette.

Tire Blooming Brown Tires

The brown residue left by the antiozonant stains the sidewalls, so if you want to keep your tires looking good, you’ll need to wash and protect them.

I’m currently using Dark Fury to clean wheels and tires, Mix it 3-1, and use a spray bottle. A nice soft brush helps too.

Tire dressings are an individual choice, but I’m not a fan of shiny tires. If you are, then there are two types of tire dressings – Water-based like Wizards Tire & Vinyl Shine. that won’t harm the tire and contain UV protection, and solvent-based. I recommend staying away from solvent-based tire dressings because I’ve seen them accelerate tire cracking.

If your brown tires have got you down, I do recommend filing a customer satisfaction warranty claim with the tire manufacturer directly. Tire blooming is not usually considered a manufacturer’s defect, but a cosmetic condition not affecting the performance or safety of the tire. Most of the time tire blooming is not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, but it’s worth a try!

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Take care, Spencer.

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