Tire Blooming Brown Tires

About Brown Tires & Tire Blooming

Have you noticed your tires turning a brown color?  They could be “blooming”. Just like tire cracking and dry-rot, tire-blooming is common on vehicles that don’t get driven much. That’s usually because the tire manufacturer used an additive, antiozonant, in the tire’s rubber  — Antiozonant protects the tire against dry-rot, ozone, and weather-cracking, but on […]

Easy Service Appointments

Making service appointments can be a pain — dialing, menus, and options, then communicating your needs and concerns, can be frustrating and intimidating.  So I’ve been working hard on making tire and service appointments easier — Let me know what you think — Schedule a Repair Online Make appointment requests online at www. kenwoodtire.com in […]