Texting Tires?

When you text me a picture of your tires, you’ll get an independent recommendation and between us, we can come up with great tire and installation options.  TireText is a concierge tire service that helps you find the right tires, no matter where you’re buying them. Texting your tire needs eliminates the hassle and uncertainty […]

Tire Blooming Brown Tires

About Brown Tires & Tire Blooming

Have you noticed your tires turning a brown color?  They could be “blooming”. Just like tire cracking and dry-rot, tire-blooming is common on vehicles that don’t get driven much. That’s usually because the tire manufacturer used an additive, antiozonant, in the tire’s rubber  — Antiozonant protects the tire against dry-rot, ozone, and weather-cracking, but on […]

What's new at Kenwood Tire 3.0

How to Buy the Right Tires

Tires are expensive and it’s easy to get confused. There are sizes and speed ratings, all-season, all-weather, high-mileage, winter, and snow tires.  And every situation is different. At Kenwood Tire we recommend and install over 4000 tires a year. For me, the right tires are a combination of what you drive, where you drive, how you […]