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$70 continental tire rebate

November $70 Continental Tire Rebate

Get a $70 Continental Tire rebate via VISA prepaid card with the purchase of four qualifying Continental Tires in November 2020. 

As the weather changes and the holiday season begins, it’s time to make plans for those holiday road trips.

With Continental tires, you’ll get a confident and comfortable ride no matter where the road takes you. Whether you need all-season traction, best-in-class wet braking, or a quiet ride, Continental’s passenger tires are engineered to fit your needs.

Among the qualifying tires for the November $70 Continental tire rebate are the industry-leading performance tires, the ExtremeContact Sport, and ExtremeContact DWS06, as well as Continental’s all-season touring tires, the PureContact LS and TrueContact Tour.

Did you know that Continental tires provide an extra measure of confidence with its Total Confidence Plan? This is a comprehensive package including a limited warranty, flat tire roadside assistance, customer satisfaction trial, mileage warranty (if applicable), and road hazard coverage.

Shop for Continental Tires at Kenwood Tire or ask me which Continental Tires are right for you.

Now more than ever, don’t mess around with the chain stores when it comes to tires and getting your car fixed, shop local. At Kenwood Tire & Auto we’re focused on creating a memorable customer experience.

Thanks, Spencer.

special financing with synchrony-car-care-card

6 Months Special Financing on Tires & Car Repairs

Get 6 months special financing on purchases of $199 or more with the Synchrony Car Care™ credit card.

What is the Synchrony Car Care Card?

The Synchrony Car Care Card offers customers a credit card through Synchrony Bank with a revolving credit line to use again and again from Synchrony.

Shop for tires, take on that next big maintenance or repair need — and every fill-up and car wash in between — with the convenience of the Synchrony Car Care™ credit card.

It’s never been easier to manage all of your car, truck, or RV expenses on one card.

Find out more and apply here.

*Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the promotional purchase is not paid in full within 6 months. Minimum monthly payments required. Gas station purchases are not eligible for promotional financing.

Check Out Our First Delivery Van

Check Out Our First Delivery Van

Check out this great picture my sister-in-law, Pam Wood found of her father’s tire delivery van.

During the Seventies and Eighties, Ken Wood was the biggest tire dealer around and used this International van to transport new and recapped tires between his locations in West Bridgewater, Westport, and Norton MA. Seiberling was the tire brand he was distributing at the time, 

What a great find! But what makes this photo special to me is the address and phone number, 55 years later, they’re still the same!

Times have changed, but at Kenwood Tire Company the commitment to customer satisfaction remains the same.

Check out our unique location in West Bridgewater MA.

First here and last to leave I’m always looking for ways to make your visit easy and value-added.

Check out my tire shop on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – Let me know if you have any questions or comments. 


What's new at Kenwood Tire

What’s New at Kenwood Tire in September?

Some of the ways we always did things are no longer., like shaking hands and paper invoices.

New ways and opportunities have presented themselves – Today I’m focused on making it easier for you to do business with me, because car problems, flat tires, and breakdowns don’t always happen during business hours.

Here’s what’s new at Kenwood Tire – 

  1. An easy-to-use online scheduler – Schedule tires, oil changes, wheel alignments, batteries, brakes, and more. Simply select from the available services for your vehicle with the preferred date and time and request your appointment.
  2. An improved online tire shop – Shop us online and see our top tire recommendations. Get competitive, fully-installed pricing and schedule installation. 
  3. Internet tire installation – We’ll install your new tires no matter where you buy them. 
  4. During or after-hours key-drop – Drop your keys with us anytime. When you show up for your appointment, leave your keys in your car and we’ll take it from there.
  5. Touch-less check-out – Pay-by-phone, Paypal, Stripe, and Venmo. We’ll make it easy to pick-up your car during or after-hours.

Now more than ever, don’t mess around with the chain stores when it comes to tires and getting your car fixed, shop local. At Kenwood Tire & Auto we’re focused on creating a memorable customer experience.

Thanks, Spencer.

about kenwood tire

COVID-19 Improvements

I wanted to assure you that we are doing everything we can to make your experience with us as comfortable as possible.

Check out the COVID-19 improvements that we’ve made to our operations –

  1. Schedule service online. We’ve added an easy way to buy tires and book auto services.
  2. Touch-free check-in. Drop your keys in the after-hours box, or leave them in your car.
  3. Improved communications – WhatsApp, Facebook Message, text, and call us.
  4. Pay by phone. PayPal, Stripe, and Venmo.
  5. Shop online from home withTireBuyer and get your tires shipped directly to us for installation.

And there are more – COVID-19 improvements, like sanitizing more often, using steering-wheel covers, gloves and face-masks, and social-distancing.

We are always looking for new ways to improve your experience, so don’t hesitate to let us know any special requests you may have.

Remember, your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

If you live in Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, or Easton, Massachusetts, stop by my store. You can also shop for tires and schedule service online 24/7 at

If not, go to for your best chance of finding a great price on tires and a good local tire store in your zip code.

Take care, Spencer.


wheel alignment brakes oil changes

Wheel Alignments | Brakes | Oil Changes

Picture of technician performing auto repair at Kenwood Tire
Oil changes with a smile!

Quality auto repair and maintenance services like wheel alignments, brakes, and oil changes are fast, dependable, and more economical than the franchise stores and car dealers.

All parts and labor are covered by a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty and most maintenance services come with a complimentary digital vehicle inspection which we’ll share with you via email or text.

Experience the local advantage, choose  Kenwood Tire and Auto Service for your wheel alignment, brakes, and oil changes

Need an estimate on service? Check out RepairPal, our online repair information partner.

You’ll find a free, independent, trusted source for information to help you diagnose most repair and maintenance services.

RepairPal’s online estimator uses Kenwood Tire and Auto Service shop labor rate, part prices, and industry standards to calculate vehicle-specific cost estimates for the most common repairs.

Try it out!


tesla model 3 at kenwood tire

Electric Vehicle Tires Explained

Electric vehicle tires are designed specifically for electric vehicles.

For example, the Tesla Model 3 comes with 235/40R19 Continental ProContact RX tires with ContiSilent technology. The tire has a unique tire design, with a layer of foam on the inside of the tire to dampen road noise.

While this feature wouldn’t make much difference to road-noise in a gas-guzzler, on a Tesla Model 3 it makes all the difference.

How to Increase Electric Vehicle Tire Life.

Electric vehicles wear tires fast and they’re expensive!

Keep your tires at the right pressure and check the alignment yearly.

The best way to extend the life of your tires is just good driving habits and common sense. As tempting as it may be with all that smooth instant torque, avoid super hard acceleration, cornering, and braking.

Are EV Tires Expensive?

Yes. We recommend replacing your EV tires with the same ones that came with the vehicle. Don’t roll the dice on the features you bought the car for, like quietness, durability, and efficiency.

Check out our online tire catalog for fully-installed prices on tires in-stock, or research and “build your own burger” with our online partner TireBuyer.
About Kenwood Tire

The Kenwood Tire Story

At my tire shop, we’re focused on creating a memorable experience for our customers today, but the Kenwood Tire story started in 1963.
Ken Wood, a post-war entrepreneur, got tired of selling tires from the back of his truck and started looking for somewhere to install tires. He bought a piece of land and the ex-West Bridgewater Public Library, which was due to be demolished.

He bought the historic building, built in the 1850s for $1, but it needed to be moved.

December 28, 1962, was moving day – Students, business people, and other curious onlookers lined the Rt.104 as the building slowly made its way, about 1/2 mile, to its new location at the corner of South Main and Ash Streets in West Bridgewater.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see, we’re not your average tire store.
Ken Wood showed me the tire business, but more importantly taught me customer service; he always believed in “treating customers as he would want to be treated” and almost 60 years later that’s how we roll!
Find out more about us here.

At Kenwood Tire & Auto Service we’re transcending tires, focused on creating a hassle-free and memorable experience for you.
If you live in Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, or Easton, Massachusetts, stop by my store. Or shop for tires and schedule service online 24/7 at my tire shop,

Michelin Agilis CrossClimate View on Instagram

A New Generation of Cargo Van Tires

Say hello to the new MICHELIN® Agilis® CrossClimate ®, the specialty cargo van tire that’s built to handle heavy working conditions on your RAM Promaster, Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, and Chevy Express van.

Frequently asked questions about C-Metic (cargo van) tires:

  1. What is the difference between the MICHELIN® AGILIS® C-Metric sizes vs. the LT sizes? The C-metric is the European equivalent of the LT-metric, describing special cargo van tires that have a higher load rating and higher air pressure than passenger car tires.
  2. How does the MICHELIN® AGILIS® CROSSCLIMATE® tire perform vs. the MICHELIN® Defender® LTX® M/S tire? The MICHELIN® AGILIS® CROSSCLIMATE® tire is optimized for commercial usage—which means usage by businesses carrying heavy loads, high-duty cycles, frequent towing, and constant or near-constant driving. The MICHELIN® Defender® LTX® M/S tire is optimized for personal usage, including daily commuting, running errands, occasional trips to the home improvement store, tailgating and camping.
  3. Why is the MICHELIN® AGILIS® CROSSCLIMATE® tire offered in two different tread designs? The MICHELIN® AGILIS® CROSSCLIMATE® C-Metric cargo van tire was designed in Europe specifically for the European style vans that are also offered in the North American market. The C-Metric is a directional tread pattern.
  4. Is the MICHELIN® AGILIS® CROSSCLIMATE® tire backed by a mileage guarantee and, if not, does the MICHELIN® Promise Plan™ apply (30-day ride, 3-year flat tire assist)? Cargo van tires are not backed by a mileage guarantee; however, Michelin will offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee from the date of purchase.
  5. How much does the MICHELIN® AGILIS® CROSSCLIMATE® cost for my van? Call us at (508) 583-5031 for special fleet and trades pricing, or shop for tires online 24/7


For the best prices on Michelin Agilis CrossClimate cargo van tires, your search ends with Kenwood Tire, your local fleet, and cargo van tire specialists —

3M headlamp lens restoration service

3M Headlight Lens Restoration Service

There’s more to your headlights than meets the eye.

If you’re having trouble seeing the road and curb at night, don’t put it down to aging eyes…look at your headlight lenses. Can you see the actual bulb, or is the lens cloudy, yellow, or scratched?

Cloudy, opaque headlight lenses are a common problem in today’s cars because most headlight lenses are made of clear plastic, not glass. Years of exposure to grit, dust, ozone, chemicals, and sunlight turn plastic headlight lenses cloudy, diffusing the bulb’s light and reducing the light that actually hits the target by up to 80%!

We offer a professional headlight restoration service using the 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System. For about $75, we remove years of road-grime and sun damage, before polishing your headlight lenses to let the right light shine through!

The 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System is probably the best bang-for-the-buck service we offer. See what it did for this 2003 Toyota Corolla!

Let the light shine through with our professional 3M Headlight Restoration Service for only $75. Or get the 3M Headlight Restoration System and do-it-yourself in about 1/2 an hour with a power drill and spray bottle.

Now your headlight lenses are looking good again, don’t forget the bulbs! Check out the SYLVANIA SilverStar Ultra headlight bulbs for a brighter and wider illuminated field of view at night when compared to your original bulbs.

If you need help with the installation, let us know.

Online convenience with local experience, choose Kenwood Tire & Auto Service for all your tire and lighting needs.