About Kenwood Tire

Kenwood Tire Story

The Kenwood Tire story started in 1963 when Ken Wood got tired of selling tires from his garage and started looking for a real business location.
He found and bought a piece of land when He found out that the West Bridgewater Public Library was due to be demolished.  Ken Wood bought the historic 1850s building for $1, but it needed to be moved!

December 28, 1962, was moving day – Curious onlookers lined the Rt.104 as the building slowly made its way, about 1/2 mile, to its new location at the corner of South Main and Ash Streets in West Bridgewater.

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Ken Wood became my father-in-law and showed me the tire business. More importantly, taught me customer service; he always believed in “treating customers as he would want to be treated” and almost 60 years later that’s how we roll!
At Kenwood Tire and Auto Service today, I’m focused on providing caring, world-class service and creating a memorable experience for our customers.

At Kenwood Tire & Auto Service we’re transcending tires, if you live in Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, or Easton, Massachusetts, stop by my store.
Or shop for tires and schedule service online 24/7 at my tire shop, www.kenwoodtire.com.

3M headlamp lens restoration service

3M Headlight Lens Restoration Service

There’s more to your headlights than meets the eye.

If you’re having trouble seeing the road and curb at night, don’t put it down to aging eyes…look at your headlight lenses. Can you see the actual bulb, or is the lens cloudy, yellow, or scratched?

Cloudy, opaque headlight lenses are a common problem in today’s cars because most headlight lenses are made of clear plastic, not glass. Years of exposure to grit, dust, ozone, chemicals, and sunlight turn plastic headlight lenses cloudy, diffusing the bulb’s light and reducing the light that actually hits the target by up to 80%!

We offer a professional headlight restoration service using the 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System. For about $75, we remove years of road-grime and sun damage, before polishing your headlight lenses to let the right light shine through!

The 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System is probably the best bang-for-the-buck service we offer. See what it did for this 2003 Toyota Corolla!

Let the light shine through with our professional 3M Headlight Restoration Service for only $75. Or get the 3M Headlight Restoration System and do-it-yourself in about 1/2 an hour with a power drill and spray bottle.

Now your headlight lenses are looking good again, don’t forget the bulbs! Check out the SYLVANIA SilverStar Ultra headlight bulbs for a brighter and wider illuminated field of view at night when compared to your original bulbs.

If you need help with the installation, let us know.

Online convenience with local experience, choose Kenwood Tire & Auto Service for all your tire and lighting needs.

What's Happening at Kenwood Tire

Why Kenwood Tire & Auto Service?

At Kenwood Tire and Auto Service, we don’t run annoying TV commercials or sponsor pro athletes. And we won’t use bait-and-switch tactics to get you in the store. We simply do our best to impress every customer, so they’ll tell their friends and leave a review.

My advice is don’t be tempted by the chain stores and their free tire and service claims. Forget the free alignment at Town Fair Tire or “Buy 3 Tires, Get 1 Free” tire sale at NTB and Sullivan Tire. Nothing is free and you’re just going to feel like you got screwed.

When you need new tires and a premium service, Kenwood Tire & Auto Service is here to make your “entire” experience as easy as possible. Run by people who live and work in the community you live in.

Stay safe!

Thanks, Spencer.

The Truth About Buy 3 Tires, Get 1 Free

We get asked to match  “Buy 3 Tires, Get 1 Free” deals all the time. But here’s the real deal:

You’re not really getting a free tire! Because you’re paying $140 for an everyday $100 tire.

You can’t put lipstick on a pig: “Buy 3 Tires – Get 1 Free” is a gimmick to get you to buy 3 overpriced tires.

You’ll never find brand names like Michelin or Bridgestone because the real price is a click away. These gimmicks are usually limited to overstock and brands you’ve never heard of, or you can’t find anywhere else.

Let’s make a deal!

At Kenwood, you’ll pay $100 for a $100 tire. We’ll match anyone’s “deal” with straight-up pricing and value-added service, without the smoke and mirrors?

When you need tires, don’t mess around with the chain stores. Look beyond the price and chooses a local, independently-owned business that’s got your best interests at heart.

At Kenwood Tire & Auto Service, you’ll always find honest advice, good tiresquality service, plus the people and support you need to make your new tires a good investment.

Shop online or let us help you choose the right tire.

For more about us, read our reviews on Google, Yelp, and Surecritic.


Tire Financing in a Snap – Apply Here

Meet our tire financing partner, Snap.

Need tires? Short on funds? Snap is a different type of finance company. It’s no-credit-needed financing that looks beyond bad credit, bankruptcies, or no credit history. Snap doesn’t pull your FICO credit score to determine eligibility, so they’re more flexible with their approvals.

Don’t put off those tires you need – Call us for a price or shop online. And let us know you’re filling out the Snap application. Choose from a “100 days same-as-cash” early payoff, or a more budget-friendly, “lease-to-own” option.

Find out more about Snap financing, or click here and complete the application online – It’s quick, there’s no credit check, and you’ll know in seconds if you’re approved.

We stock over 500 of our favorite Michelin, BFGoodrich, and Uniroyal tires, and can get just about any brand, make, and model you might need the same day.

Don’t mess around with the chain stores – When you need tires, look beyond the price. At Kenwood Tire & Auto Service, we make tires easy! We don’t just change tires, we change your tire buying experience. 

You’ll always find honest advice, good tires, quality service, plus the people and support you need to make your new tires a good investment.

Shop online or let us help you choose the right tire.


Snap Finance - Apply Here


Celebrating 55 Years With Open House & Pop-Up Art Show

We’re celebrating 55 years in business!

Save the date and join us for an open house and customer appreciation event, featuring a unique pop-up art show.

Picture of art at the tire shop
Tire shop open house & pop-up art show

When: Saturday, October 23rd from 4-7pm.
Where: Kenwood Tire & Auto Service, 118 S.Main St, West Bridgewater MA 02379.

“BALANCE AND ALIGNMENT” is a one-off, pop-up art show featuring the work of SNAC, the Southern New England Artists Community, a diverse group of artists who come together to share ideas about art and exhibit together. 

Holly and Spencer, the owners of Kenwood Tire and Auto Service are passionate about the customer experience. Their unique garage gallery, one-of-a-kind showroom, and waiting room demonstrate their love for tires and art.

SNAC’s pop-up art show is the perfect cross-promotion to help us celebrate 55 years in business.

So save the date! Saturday, October 20th – Stop by between 4-7pm; meet the owners and the artists, enter the iPad raffle, buy some art, and score some goodies.

Walk around, see the tire shop and get a behind the scenes look at Spencer’s Michelin man wall-art in one of the most unique tire stores you’ll find anywhere.

Can’t make it? No worries. After the opening, “BALANCE AND ALIGNMENT” will be on display in the lobby and waiting room of Kenwood Tire until November 30th.

Since Ken Wood purchased the West Bridgewater Public Library in 1963 and moved it 1/2 mile down the street to establish Kenwood Tire, we’ve never been your average tire store. After 55 years in business, we’re still that place where you get the value and personal touches you expect from a locally owned & operated business.

Contact Spencer for more information about our 55 years in business Open House & Pop-Up Art Show.

Spencer's Michelin Man murals on the tire shop wall
Work in progress – Michelin Man murals on the tire shop wall by Spencer

For more about Kenwood Tire & Auto 

Website – kenwoodtire.com
Facebook – @kenwoodtire
Instagram – @kenwoodtire




Picture of SNAC Artists
SNAC is a diverse group of artists who share ideas and to exhibit together.

More about SNAC

Website – snacart.com
Facebook – @SNACArt1
Instagram – @snacart

Is Pothole Damage Covered by State, Town, or Insurance?

AAA reports that pothole damage accounts for around $3 billion a year in damages, accounting around 500,000 insurance claims per year,

Potholes happen mostly during the freeze/thaw winter months as water seeps into small cracks in the road and freezes. The cracks expand and contract, combined with heavy traffic, pavement age, vehicle weights, and snow plows, cracks become potholes.

Who’s Responsible for Pothole Damage?

Unfortunately, the responsibility for avoiding a pothole usually falls on the driver and in Massachusetts, it’s almost impossible to get the state or town to pay up for your pothole damage.

That’s because according to Massachusetts law MGL c.81, s.18 – Defects in Highway, Liability (State Roads) and MGL c.84, s.15 – Personal injuries or property damage from defective ways (City or Town Roads), you’ll need to prove that the state and/or town was negligent in repairing and maintaining road conditions.

But it’s going to be nearly impossible to prove that anyone knew about a pothole and failed to do anything about it.

While pothole damage claims to the state are usually denied, some towns and cities will reimburse.

If you have a pothole “encounter”, make sure you take a picture of the pothole and damage to your vehicle, then determine who is responsible for the road (town/city/state). Go online and find the procedures to file a claim. Remember to get estimates from local auto repair shops before submitting your claim for approval.

Invest some time and you could get reimbursed without paying an insurance deductible.

Check out the City of Boston’s pothole claim procedure.

Is Pothole Damage Covered by Insurance?

If you bought a road-hazard protection plan on your tires and/or wheels that’s great! Hop, skip, and jump back to where you bought it!

If not, your car insurance will usually recognize an immediate damage claim, but you’ll probably pay a deductible and watch your renewal increase.

Most pothole damage is wear and tear, with no specific incident to blame. So if your car doesn’t feel right, let’s check it out, we’re experts in smooth riding vehicles and have your best interests in mind.

Don’t mess around with the chain stores – When you need tires, look beyond the price. At Kenwood Tire & Auto Service, we make tires easy! We don’t just change tires, we change your tire buying experience. 

You’ll always find honest advice, good tires, quality service, plus the people and support you need to make your new tires a good investment.

Shop online or let us help you choose the right tire.


Shopping for Tires? What’s Included?

Buying tires is confusing. So many choices and it’s hard to figure out exactly what’s included in the price.

Online tire prices are cheap, but it’s for the tire only;  you’ll still need to find and pay someone to install your tires.

Chain stores bait and switch with free services like “front-end alignments” that don’t exist, or  “free snow tire changeovers”.  Others offer famous “Buy 3, get 1 tire free” deals to confuse you even more.

There’s nothing free in tires – You get what you pay for. We believe in being honest and upfront with you, with no surprises or hidden add-ons.

Shopping for tires at a sleazy tire shop

Here’s what’s included in our tire price:

The basics:

  1. Tire mounting – We take the old tire off and install a new one without damaging your wheels or car.
  2. High-speed balancing – We go a step further and use road-force optimization to give you the smoothest ride possible.
  3. Standard rubber valve stem – If needed.
  4. Scrap tire recycling – We will dispose of your old tires in an environmentally responsible way.

The included extras:

  1. Free Nitrogen Tire Inflation – Nitrogen helps your tires maintain proper tire pressure longer. Properly inflated tires wear longer, are more fuel efficient, and have increased tread life.
  2. Free TPMS Reset – When the tire warning symbol (an exclamation point inside a tire) lights up on your dashboard, it’s the TPMS sensor that triggered it. It means tire pressure is too low or too high. Whenever you buy tires this unit needs to be reset. Some tire dealers charge $20-$30 extra to reset this – We do it free.
  3. Free Tire Protection Plan – Just about every tire we sell is covered by road hazard protection – That means we’ll repair or replace your tires free for 12 months or 12,000 miles.
  4. Free Lifetime Rotations – Regular rotations every 5,000 miles extend tire life and should be part of your regular vehicle maintenance.

Shopping for tires shouldn’t be a mystery.

So forget the chain stores! At Kenwood Tire & Auto Service you’ll find honest advice, good tires, quality service, and the support you need to make your new tires a good investment.

Call (508) 583-5031 for a quote or shop us online – We’ll include everything we need to do the job right the first time.


Hunter TCX57 – There’s a New Tire Machine in the Shop!

There’s a new tire machine in the shop! Weighing in at over 1000lbs the Hunter TCX57 is a beast!

Although once you get to know beast it’s more like the Gentle Giant.

“Big, muscular, and angry looking. He might even be an actual monster. People are often fearful of him. But he’s got a heart of gold. He loves children and puppies and frequently abhors unnecessary violence. He is often rather intelligent, level-headed, and analytical, a voice of reason in the group. He probably has a few unexpected hobbies. He’s the Gentle Giant” – TV Tropes

Just like the Gentle Giant, this Hunter TCX57 tore machine is a tender beast who’s hopefully got a heart of gold and our backs too 🙂

Hunter TCX57 tire machine